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We offer competitive pricing on newly constructed homes by selling directly to the buyer


Torras Realty handles all communication with potential buyers. By eliminating middlemen, we transmit information directly to you.

There are no delays or misinformation Lines of communication are open, clear, and organized.

Best Price Possible

The more people involved in a real estate transaction, the more people that have to get paid. This drives up a home’s cost. By working directly with the developer, you avoid costly brokers, agents, and other middlemen. As a result, you get developer-direct pricing, allowing you to own the home of your dreams without the middlemen’s markup.

Locally Owned

Torras Realty is locally owned and operated. We live here and want to preserve the wonderful lifestyle we all enjoy. Chances are that your favorite restaurants are our favorites, too. As locals, we have developed firsthand knowledge of the local real estate market. We know what’s important to residents so we can provide the best service possible.